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I Heart Songwriting Club holds Professional Development Workshops for adults and Youth Songwriting workshops for kids. Workshops are always limited in capacity and often sell out. Join the mailing list to be sent the workshop information first.  

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Our upcoming workshops are:

Oct 1-3 Youth School Holiday Songwriting Workshop for 8-12yo, Brisbane

Youth Songwriting Workshops

School Holiday Songwriting Workshops

Oct 1-3 Junior School Holiday Songwriting Workshop for 8-17yo
(Only 8 places)

I Heart Songwriting Club presents songwriting workshops for young songwriters. Learn how to write songs through simple and targeted lessons, creative improvisation and development of practical skills. Participants will aim to write a song every day over the multi-day program. Each workshop will be limited to eight participants to allow for adequate 1-on-1 instruction and creative development. The program suits open-minded and enthusiastic participants with a musical background and a basic level of instrumental skill (piano or guitar preferred though not necessary) and vocal confidence.

Some Feedback from previous Junior Songwriting Workshops:

I am so glad that I signed up for this program as I have gotten amazing results; not only have I written 3 great songs but I've made amazing friends along the way. I loved that I was with a bunch of people my age that also shared a common love for making music!- Student Feedback

Very well planned. Enjoyable. I liked the small group with people with similar ages. - Student Feedback

You are a genius Francesca!!!!!! This course is really amazing. Highly recommended. - Parent Feedback

One highlight was when I first played one of my songs for the group and it received an amazingly positive reaction. - Student Feedback

Professional Development Workshops for Adults

Adult Songwriting Workshops

From beginner songwriting workshops for first-time songwriters to refresher courses for experienced songwriters, we aim to get you unstuck with tools and inspiration for songwriting. Our workshops run in Brisbane, Sydney and Sunshine and we also present workshops at festivals. Past facilitators include: Mama Kin and Tommy Spender.

The next Professional Development event is:
BEING A SONGWRITER: Practical Tools to Help you Earn a Living Making Music and Not Lose Your Mind
Sat 28 July, 10-5pm
Institute of Body Psychotherapy, Kelvin Grove (BRIS)

I Heart Songwriting Club proudly presents this Practical, Spiritual and Creative Workshop, led by foundation member and much-loved Australian songwriter and yoga teacher, Sam Buckingham. This workshop combines the practical science of mindfulness with simple and effective music business tools that will help you create the music career that’s right for you. 15 places only.

Book Workshop

World class. Blew us all away. We came out totally mesmerised by the different talents and our overall experience which included tears and gasps. - Maggie

It was stupendously fun! - Marita

I enjoyed learning new skills and ideas. I also felt validated that what I have been feeling and thinking is leading me on the right path - John

This workshop inspired my creativity - Denise

I loved hearing you speak and love how you interacted with all members of the group on individual levels. Great positive vibe  - Sandy

It challenged me to think outside my comfort zone - Rebekah

Recording & Producing Workshops

Our recording & producing workshops teach songwriters how to take a song from solo instrument and voice to something more, learning about production choices and how to record demos at home using simple and affordable gear.

If you're a singer/songwriter and want to learn how to record proper at home demo's, this is definitely the workshop for you. Nick was a fantastic facilitator, very knowledgeable and patient considering everyone in the room had varied experience with at home recordings. He covered a range of items - from the basics of recording, what kinds of inexpensive technology is worthwhile to invest in, as well as more advanced tools such as basic EQ, mixing and mastering our demo tracks. The live demo was a great addition, I love learning in a 'hands on' way so this was very helpful. You'll watch the whole creative process unfold from the beginning - through to the technical aspects - to finished product. Very informative, and a lot of fun! I look forward to applying everything I've learned! - Hannah Athanasiadis

Having learned how to record whilst at uni it was really great to revise what I already knew, but to also delve into other things that I wasn't sure of. My biggest highlight of the day was finally understanding how to EQ. It was a really great and informative day and I can't wait for the next one.  - Naomi

This workshop covers all you need to know to start recording your songs in a way that will produce a quality sounding recording at home. Nick O'Donnell is very knowledgeable about all aspects of recording, particularly on Garage Band for this workshop, and he presents in a clear, step by step way and is helpful with any questions you have. A valuable resource for anyone wishing to get going with their own recording. I was impressed with the group recording result in the workshop! Highly recommended. - Julie

Nick has a tremendous depth of knowledge and is obviously a seasoned professional. He gave us many practical tips and advice.  - Mick

The workshop was fantastic. Loved it - presented in a way that I could easily understand and utilise at my current level. Thanks! - Anon.

Music Video Workshops

Our video workshops empower songwriters to be creative with simple video technology using iPhone and iMovie.

A great hands on workshop with all the basics I needed to know to make my own professional looking music video. Very rewarding to be able to take home my own short video! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start making their own music videos- Julie

Thank you so much Jennifer and Francesca for your enthusiasm, passion and technical skills. The practical nature of the workshop was so useful. Thanks to fellow participants Julie and Laura for coming along for the ride. The atmosphere of sharing and support was great. This is a great workshop, I'd definitely recommend it. Please arrange the next one on further skills and techniques and I'll be there! - Jeremy