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For Songwriters through Organisations - I Heart Songwriting Club facilitates workshops, boot camps and guest lectures in the areas of songwriting and creative development. We have presented in partnership with and for organisations including APRA AMCOS (Australia), IMRO (Ireland), BIGSOUND, QMusic, WAMCon, WAAPA, QUT, Griffith University, St Pauls School, Brisbane Girls Grammar, St Andrews Anglican College and even at music festivals. Email Francesca to learn how we can support your program.

For Individuals - Due to high demand for our in-person workshops around the world, I Heart Songwriting Club now facilitates most of our workshops online, but not all. We will share any in-person workshops below and you can join our mailing list for invitations to our online events.

For emerging singer-songwriters we have an online mentoring program, Level Up Club, perfect for songwriters who want to level up in their music business - to get gigs, record their songs, and release music. Email Francesca to discuss this opportunity.

For kids who want to improve their songwriting skills, we have a purposefully designed 10-week Songwriting Course for Kids, with video lessons, songwriting challenges and your own personal mentor. Enrol for the next term here.

Upcoming IN-PERSON I Heart Songwriting Club Workshops for ALL individuals:

Melbourne, Vic., Australia
Sat 6 July, 2-4pm,
Free Songwriters Workshop
Venue: Meat Market, North Melbourne
Hosted by Francesca de Valence and I Heart Songwriting Club

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Brisbane, QLD., Australia
Fri 12 July, 9-4pm,
School Holiday Songwriting Workshop
$0-$97* plus booking fee
*free to kids in our Online Songwriting Course Term 3
Venue: Old Museum Building
Hosted by Francesca de Valence and I Heart Songwriting Club

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Adelaide, SA, Australia
Tues 24 July, 8-9.30pm,
Free Songwriters Workshop
Venue: Box Factory Community Centre
Hosted by Francesca de Valence, I Heart Songwriting Club, SCALA and the City of Adelaide

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Adelaide, SA, Australia
Sat 27 July
, 12.30-6pm
Inspire Your Way To Living Your Wildest Creative Dreams
Workshop for Singer-Songwriters

$57-74* (Refreshments included)
*30% discount to IHSC and SCALA members - contact your membership body for the details
Venue: Box Factory Community Centre
Hosted by Francesca de Valence, I Heart Songwriting Club and SCALA

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More Info about "Inspire Your Way To Living Your Wildest Creative Dreams"
from Francesca de Valence (founder)

Do you dream of performing and recording your own songs?
Do you struggle to create a vision for what this really looks like and how to overcome the obstacles that are in your way to having this?
Do you find yourself isolated and needing community around you to inspire you?

If you said yes to those things, then this event is for you. This is going to be a one of a kind opportunity that you’ll spend with me and an amazing group of like-minded artists ready to go for it in their music career, and you will walk away with a plan to start living your wildest creative dreams.

I remember 5 years ago I was working a job that I hated which drained everything from me, I went from struggling to write 6 songs a year to creating 52 songs with absolute artistic freedom in the first 12 months and went onto write hundreds and hundreds of songs more many years on. These songs are now shaping my career to be able to travel the world and live my dream life. They have also helped support 350+ songwriters in over 12 countries write over 6000 songs and counting, through founding the innovative global online platform - I Heart Songwriting Club.

I want to share with you STEP BY STEP how you can inspire your way to living your wildest creative dreams at this one-of-a-kind event.

This event is for you if you’re tired of:

  • Struggling to write songs in your busy schedule
  • Trying all the online tips and tricks and still not getting anywhere
  • Feeling unsupported and isolated in your music business

If you’re finally ready to stop playing small and start becoming the kind of artist you’ve dreamed of then this is the event you must attend.

For many years I felt completely stuck in my music business and as an artist. There was so much confusing information out there and I didn’t know what was relevant to me and what I needed to do to take the new step in my career. Often, I did nothing. So I absolutely know it’s possible to get really clear on exactly what your vision is and overcome obstacles that are in your way and start living your wildest creative dreams.

When you sign up (and show up) for this career changing event, you’ll get crystal clear on:

  • Your vision
  • What’s holding you back from living that life
  • A plan to start living your wildest creative dreams today

So are you coming? It’s a powerful day you’ll spend with me and an amazing group of like-minded artists ready to go for it in their music career, and walk away with a plan to start living your wildest creative dreams. It’s truly amazing what is possible!

I have to pinch myself when I think about all the places I’ve played my music in the past few years, including my dream city - Paris. And not once but 4 times in just 6 months. Even as I’m creating this event copy, I’m sitting in a cafe in Paris in between recording days and film shoot days for my upcoming singles from my current project “Songs de Paris”. And by the end of this event, you’re going to see how possible it is for you too!

Seriously. Making music, recording and releasing music and living YOUR dream life is something you can do! Let me show you the powerful pathways to make it happen.

Hear what previous singer-songwriters got out of this workshop:

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Kids Songwriting Workshops

Due to the high demand for our workshops for young songwriters, we have taken this program online with our Songwriting Course for Kids.

Some Feedback from our young songwriters:

I am so glad that I signed up for this program as I have gotten amazing results; not only have I written 3 great songs but I've made amazing friends along the way. I loved that I was with a bunch of people my age that also shared a common love for making music!- Student Feedback

Very well planned. Enjoyable. I liked the small group with people with similar ages. - Student Feedback

You are a genius Francesca!!!!!! This course is really amazing. Highly recommended. - Parent Feedback

One highlight was when I first played one of my songs for the group and it received an amazingly positive reaction. - Student Feedback

Professional Development for Songwriters

For Emerging Singer-Songwriters

We have loved running workshops for you in person over the past 4 years, and you may still see us in person at a music festival or through another organisation, but we have moved our I Heart Songwriting Club workshops totally online to support even more singer-songwriters around the world.

Level Up Club, is our mentor program for songwriters to level up in their music business and take their songs from the bedroom to the stage and the radio. It takes all the elements from our previous one day workshops and brings them directly to you.

Inquire about Level Up Club

Some Feedback from our songwriters:

“I had imagined myself as an artist who would play and record my own songs, but I was only busking playing covers and had only written 2 songs. In just 4 months working with Francesca, I have 15 new songs - a whole set of original music that I play regularly - I have paid gigs booked in my calendar, plus so much confidence to seek out new opportunities like playing a support slot for a high-profile Australian artist. I am recording my first single this month in Nashville and I am really starting to feel like an artist. I know this is only the beginning and I’m so excited for the new possibilities I see for myself” - Amy

If you're a singer-songwriter and want to learn how to record proper at home demo's, this is definitely the workshop for you. A fantastic facilitator, very knowledgeable and patient considering everyone in the room had varied experience with at home recordings. It covered a range of items - from the basics of recording, what kinds of inexpensive technology is worthwhile to invest in, as well as more advanced tools such as basic EQ, mixing and mastering our demo tracks. The live demo was a great addition, I love learning in a 'hands on' way so this was very helpful. You'll watch the whole creative process unfold from the beginning - through to the technical aspects - to finished product. Very informative, and a lot of fun! I look forward to applying everything I've learned! - Hannah 

I enjoyed learning new skills and ideas. I also felt validated that what I have been feeling and thinking is leading me on the right path - John

The workshop was fantastic. Loved it - presented in a way that I could easily understand and utilise at my current level. Thanks! - Anon.